Monday 7 June 2010

Swedenise us!

Thanks to Gerard O'Neill of Turbulence Ahead for publishing yet another of the international comparisons that allow us to see how well – or badly – we are doing compared to other western countries.

This one looks at our image of politicians. Needless to say it doesn't include Northern Ireland separately, but it would be surprising if Northern Irish people trusted their politicians any more than the average western European.

But one country stands out, as almost always in comparative surveys, no matter what the topic – Sweden.

In Sweden 43.8% of people have a 'rather favourable' opinion of their politicians, compared with an EU average of 12.4%. And only 18.4% of Swedes have a 'rather unfavourable' opinion, against the EU average of 55.4%.

Swedes are not foolish people, and are no more likely to be fooled by their politicians than anyone else, so what these results show is that Swedish politicians are simply better than any others. If their voters have a positive opinion of them it must be because they are more honest, more diligent, more representative and more efficient than any others.

And, of course, good politicians lead to good politics and good governance – and these lead, almost inevitably, to a more responsive state in which the needs of the people are served better than elsewhere. No wonder Sweden is close to the top of the list in almost every international comparison, whether it is looking at freedom, affluence, education, development or happiness.

Whatever it is that Swedish politicians are doing, they are doing it well, and their voters are happy with them. We need to learn from them.


shane said...

Sweden has been dominated by the Social Democrats for decades, virtually uninterupted, but I quite like their new government. One thing we need to emulate is their school voucher system which facilitates poorer parents in choosing decent schools.

Anonymous said...

I just read your article and thought - WHAT??

Trust Swedish politicians, yeah right! They lie unabashedly to the Swedish subjects - no citizenry there, mind you!

Sweden, the rape capital of Europe:

Malmö, Jews fleeing the city:

Malmö, muslim pop. growing

Sweden is the first successful example of politicians electing a new people, instead of people electing new politicians.

Swedify Ireland, go figure, if you don't get a sort of Green Isle altogether to your unliking.

I have chosen the more palatable links, so as not to disturb your sleep.

A Dane in Germany.