Monday 29 September 2008

Bigot of the Week (collective award)

This week's Bigot of the Week award goes collectively to the unionist councillors in Limavady Borough Council, who voted to deny the freedom of the borough to Reverend David Armstrong, who had been driven out of the town by loyalist threats in the 1980's for having the temerity to shake hands with a Catholic priest!

Armstrong, who is a Church of Ireland clergyman, decided to practice the Christianity which most unionists claim to believe in. He discovered that their 'Christianity' was merely a disguise for blatant sectarian hatred. He was forced to leave Limavady after his life was threatened, and moved to a parish in county Cork.

One would have hoped that the unionist establishment would have been either embarrassed by the actions of their loyalist proxies, or might have gone so far as to condemn them. But, unfortunately this was not to be. They showed, by their vote against giving Reverend Armstrong the freedom of the borough, that they support the bully-boy tactics of the loyalist thugs.

Shame on you;
  • Alderman George Robinson
  • Councillor Leslie Cubitt
  • Councillor Boyd Douglas
  • Alderman Jack Rankin
  • Councillor Alan Robinson
  • Councillor Edwin Stevenson
Complaints, and well-deserved criticism, can be addressed to these worthy representatives of a small-minded bigoted people, at the addresses you'll find here:

Their real reward will come in future elections, when they will see their vote dwindle as their tribe fades from history, and not a moment too soon.

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