Friday 6 February 2009

Squabbling over chairs on the Titanic

For opponents of unionism, these days are almost surreal. It seems that nationalists and others do not have to do anything, because the unionists themselves are happy to tear each other apart.

The screen shots below shows the UUP, DUP and TUV websites as they appeared earlier today.

The UUP, apart from the almost obligatory criticism of Caitriona Ruane, manages to have three separate stories under News headlines that attack the DUP: 'Changing Your Tune Again, Jeffrey', 'UUP Not Losing Identity', and 'Diane Dodds Is Delusional':

The DUP focus more clearly on their tribal ppponents in the SDLP and Sinn Féin, but manage, nonetheless, to have at least two stories attacking the UUP; 'UUP negotiators prove their limited value once again', and 'McNarry wants to cut his own Minister's budget, says Hamilton'.

The TUV, despite (or because of?) its extreme views, manages to criticise the DUP in four of its six stories; 'Allister responds to DUP candidature in Europe', 'Thank you DUP!', '"Name and shame duplicitous politicians" – Allister' and 'DUP position on Eames-Bradley questioned'. In addition, in 'Russell hits out at Craigavon stance on Eames-Bradley', it "hits out" at the other unionist parties in general.

In no single item does the TUV directly address the real enemies of unionism – nationalists and republicans!

It seems that as the electoral support for unionism declines, the in-fighting amongst the various unionist parties increases. Nationalists can only sit back and enjoy the show.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it healthy in politics to have a debate?

Horseman said...

Absolutely. But I don't really see much debate - it seems to be mostly name-calling. Most unionists seem to think that certain things are so self-evident that they don't need to argue them, defend them, or justify them. Hence they just dismiss out of hand anyone who even questions any of their tenets. A genuine debate would be very interesting.