Monday 2 March 2009

Two-tier citizenship? Yes, but, no, but ...

What does Reg Empey actually want? On Friday, at the launch of the Ulster Conservative and Unionists – New Force … sorry, I mean the Conservatives and Unionists, he claimed that close co-operation between the two parties would help to end "a two-tier" UK citizenship. Yet, only the day before, he had told the Guardian that "the Tories have promised to turn all of Northern Ireland into a special tax zone if elected". Apparently the Tories had promised that Northern Ireland would be given powers to set low corporation tax in order to attract foreign investment. "What we have agreed is that all of Northern Ireland will be designated as an enterprise zone," the UUP leader said.

And what would any dispassionate observer call that? That's right, two-tier citizenship!

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Seymour Major said...

NI is distinct from the rest of the UK as being the only part with a land border. We argued our case that NI suffered unfair competion from ROI as a result. The argument was listened to and we have that in the bag as a tax policy to sell the to the electorate.

The C Tax policy is not news. It was mentioned right at the end of David Cameron's speech to the UUP on 6th December.