Thursday 23 July 2009

Let it go, Jim

Poor Jim Allister. He lost his European Parliament seat in June's election, but he just cannot let go. The inaugural meeting of the new 2009-2014 European Parliament took place in Strasbourg on 13-16 July, and from that point onward Jim was no longer an MEP.

But you wouldn't know it from his web site:, which still proudly presents him as 'Jim Allister MEP – Leading for Ulster – Non-attached Member of the European Parliament'. Um, … no, Jim … you're not, any more. Let it go.


hoboroad said...

Where are all the defectors from the DUP Jim Allister promised? Come on Jim put up or shut up!

hoboroad said...

I see Jim Allister says that new plans for people from NI who live abroad not to have to declare themselves British in order to vote in NI elections is part of a plan to make us all Dual Citizens.Of course he use's this to have a swipe at the DUP and the Good Friday Agreement!

hoboroad said...

I see the TUV want to co-opt David Calvert on to Craigavon Council. UCUNF are not to happy about the idea given Mr Calvert's history. So it looks like there may be a by-election after all should be very interesting! Calvert was banned from being a Councillor for five years after the Saint Peter's GAA affair in which the Council refused to sell land to the local GAA club.