Tuesday 9 March 2010

The end of a generation

A political generation, that is.

The Assembly has just voted by 'parallel consent' (as they call it) for the transfer of Policing and Justice.

105 MLAs voted, of whom 88 voted for the transfer, including all 44 nationalists, 35 unionists and 9 'others'. 17 voted against the transfer – presumably all of them UUP MLAs.

So, with that, Nigel Dodds 'political generation' comes to an end, and, almost certainly, so does Jim Allister's hopes for the future – there was no rebellion by DUP dissidents, and despite the UUP not providing 'cover', the DUP voted for the transfer.

The vote also represents possibly the first time that the DUP has voted with nationalism, and against its unionist siblings in the UUP. A strange day indeed.


bangordub said...

Let the process of transfer of sovereignty begin
Hate to say it but Jim A is right.
It is a stage by stage process.
He opposes that, as is his right, but it is inevetable and it is happening now.
As a Dub with a Northern Dad who died a few years back, I'm a bit emotional!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paddy Canuck said...

As they say in Ireland, mazel tov! :)

...Well, Jewish people in Ireland, anyway. :)

So what is left on the plate for Westminster vis-a-vis Northern Ireland? Defence? The pound? The number of rat hairs permissible in a kilo of blood pudding? Is it now outside their power to ban the Ulster fry for health reasons?... :)

Anonymous said...

The Ulster Assembly is a completely subordinate body to Westminster. Direct rule can be imposed by The UK State at any time and for any reason. No sovereignty has been transferred to anyone, only responsibilities.