Sunday 8 November 2009

The sheep win

Well, it has been almost three days since the story broke, so even the slowest of party spokes(wo)men have had time to catch up, and it is with regret that this blog must inform its readership from the Catholic community that, in the eyes of their unionist neighbours, they are less important than sheep.


In vain this blog has searched for public condemnation by unionist politicians and parties of the clear threat to a human being (of the Catholic persuasion) in Ballymoney on Friday morning.


The UUP were quick to condemn the sheep-painting, but are silent on car destruction.

The DUP are silent on both issues – the owner of the sheep was obviously not one of their members or supporters.

The TUV condemn the “sectarian attack” on the sheep (if only victims of unionist sectarianism had suffered only from paint, rather than bullets), but say nothing about the Ballymoney attack, despite it being in Jim Allister’s own area of North Antrim.

Protestant victims campaigner, Willie Frazer, was first out of the blocks to condemn the trauma the sheep suffered – including, apparently, not just being painted green and orange (nature provided the white), but also red, the colour of the Tyrone GAA team. FAIR, Frazer’s vehicle, claims to be a “non-sectarian, non-political organisation to work in the interests of the innocent victims of terrorism in South Armagh” – but extended its interest as far as east Tyrone in the case of the sheep, but not as far north as Ballymoney for a human.

So, dear readers, sleep less easy in your beds. Mere sheep matter more to unionism than you do.

Unionists, hang your heads in shame.


Wiz said...

I see Willie referring to paint on the sheep as green, white and gold as the colours of the tricolour. What is it with this lie that's constantly adopted by unionists? Do people actually believe this? It's extremely childish.

Horseman said...


It is, unfortunately, also common amongst non-unionists. One problem is that there was a line in an old ballad that mentioned the 'green, while and gold' - because there is nothing that rythms with 'orange', while gold rythms with lots of words.

Unionism perpetuate the myth for two reasons:

1. It ignores the fact that orange is in the flag and in the nation, and,

2. White and gold (or yellow?) are the papal colours, so they can pretend that the colours are those of Ireland (Green) combined with papalism.

So ignorance suits their agenda in this case.

Watcher said...

"The TUV condemn the “sectarian attack” on the sheep (if only victims of unionist sectarianism had suffered only from paint, rather than bullets)"

Yes, the same with Nationalist sectarianism.

New times, New approach said...

Isn't this attempt at a practical joke all being taken a bit too seriously? This is fairly predictable from Unionist politicians who see in it an opportunity to paint their community as struggling friendless against the underhand machinations of Britain working in league with 'SF/IRA'.
But are you not also, Horseman investing it with an undeserved significance? Is it not playing the same game as them in seeking to show how the poor catholic community is held in such low regard by most Unionist politicians? How many seats are they going to win by issuing condemnations of attacks on Catholics. To do so could only destabilise their vote among the more right wing electorate and certainly wouldn't win them any nationalist votes.
Has anybody thought to interview the sheep? Maybe he has a sense of humour. Perhaps he's even a follower of GAA sport. If Edward Carson was no mean hurler then can't a protestant sheep be a Tyrone supporter?
I think ewe'll find I'm right on this one.

Rebels Yell! said...

YoYo, the Provo Ewe From Arboe has been the source of many a chuckle over the last few days. However, the speed at which Willie Frazer jumped on the cattle trailer with his regular EWE tube update was remarkable. However, when Mr McDaid was set upon by a pack of sectarian loyalists, unionists quarters including Willie weren’t flocking to put similar efforts into their condemnation.

Therefore, can we conclude that a sheep has more respect than Catholics in some unionist quarters!