Tuesday 26 January 2010

Parsley, not sage

Today’s news, that “two former Conservative candidates who withdrew their nominations have said it was partly because of a possible deal between the Ulster Unionists and DUP” has made a few people look foolish.

Not least was the appalling Ian Parsley, the Tory’s new enfant terrible in Northern Ireland. He is on record as insisting that:

“[McCann, Davidson and Nelson] stated their intention to withdraw as prospective candidates, but they were content to remain as party members – nothing was ever mentioned about it having anything to do with talks with Unionist parties.

… the facts of the matter are quite simple. Three nominees stated their intention to withdraw on the basis that they could not wait around indefinitely for the selection process (which has indeed taken longer than intended) to be completed - a process entered into by all of us with no guarantees.”
Well, someone appears not to be telling the whole truth. Would a casual observer believe either,

(a) three people who publicly withdraw their nominations on grounds of principle, with no possibility of personal gain, or,

(b) one person who was elected (with few personal votes) to local office on the coat-trails of a popular politician, stood as a European Parliament candidate for one party (at considerable cost to them), and then promptly defected to an opposing party, and refused to resign his local seat?

Parsley by name, but not sage by nature!

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