Monday 7 September 2009

Orange Reformation Group

According to the News Letter, the newly set-up Orange Reformation group held its first Information meeting in Ballymena last Friday.

Apparently the main aim of the group is to "put Protestantism back into Orangeism"

But wouldn't it be more appropriate, not to mention more productive, to put Christianity back into Orangeism?

The application of Christian principles like humility, forgiveness, duty, love, and so on, would transform the situation for the Orange Order, for the residents of the areas they march through, and for society as a whole.

If 'Protestantism' means something different to 'Christianity' then its adherents should stop and think about what they really are – are they Christians, or are they ethno-sectarian triumphalists?

So, Orange Reformation Group – go one step further, and put a bit of real Christianity into your Orangism, and take the bigoted political poison out of it.


Anonymous said...

Take the beam out of your own eye...

Alan in Belfast said...

They even have a website - though the orange and purple text does make my eyes water