Wednesday 9 September 2009

Come home, Jim

Like an old soldier constantly reliving his moments of glory, Jim Allister simply cannot readjust to life back on civvy street.

Although he finally removed his claim to be an MEP from his website (noticed by the BBC here) a month or more after he was rejected by the voters, his personal website continues to carry a prominent image of the European Parliament building in Brussels:

It is abundantly clear that Allister's chances of ever seeing the inside of that building again are slim, and that his future lies in slightly more parochial politics – either at Council or Assembly level. So perhaps its time for Jim to pack his bags, psychologically speaking, and come home.

If he succeeds next year (and the odds are not good) then he could replace the European Parliament with Westminster, but it is more likely that his next architectural decoration will be plain old Stormont.

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