Tuesday 23 February 2010

Cohesion, Sharing and Integration

RTÉ are reporting that "First Minister Peter Robinson and Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness announced that they have agreed a long-awaited programme for cohesion, sharing and integration (CSI)".

CSI was a pre-condition that the Alliance Party were insisting on before nominating David Ford as Minister for Justice, but it has been a long-standing bone of contention between Sinn Féin and the DUP. If the RTÉ report is true it signifies a major breakthrough in relations between the two parties.

RTÉ also say that "the news came as Stormont sources also confirmed that plans for overseeing controversial parades will be completed within hours".

Taken together, these two developments are little short of dramatic, and imply that the Hillsborough Agreement was real, not just a sham like so many other past 'agreements'. Are the two main parties actually - and after such a long lead-in - finally going to work together?

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