Monday 11 May 2009

I'll hunt you down and kick your ass!

Long-time unionist politician, and current First Minister of Northern Ireland, Peter Robinson has just discovered that the UDA are nasty thugs!

According to the Belfast Telegraph;

"Last week’s publication of the Independent Monitoring Commission’s latest report into the activities of the main paramilitary organisations is understood to have shocked both Peter Robinson and Jeffrey Donaldson because of the extent of UDA crime activities it laid bare."

Hang on a second. The UDA has existed since the early 1970s. It has murdered hundreds of innocent Catholics (and some innocent Protestants too). It retains an arsenal of weapons, and has not yet decommissioned a single one. It has been involved in thuggery, crime, prostitution, protection-rackets, extortion, and sectarian murder for years. And only now is Peter Robinson 'shocked'?

"Over the six months covered up to March, the IMC reported that the UDA had been responsible for many brutal assaults and said there was even an intelligence report that one senior member had shown an interest in acquiring firearms."

One senior member? They already have hundreds of weapons – weapons that Peter Robinson knows fine well about. Why the new-found 'shock'?

But don't worry, because now, after only 259 known (and another 250-300 probable) murders the UDA (and their UFF nom de plume) are finally going to face the wrath of the Conqueror of Clontibret.

"The UDA leadership is to be given a ‘final’ warning from First Minister Peter Robinson today — to give up their crime empire or face being crushed.

Mr Robinson is expected to deliver the stark message during a planned DUP meeting with the leaderships of the two main loyalist paramilitary organisations.

How Robinson intends to 'crush' the UDA is, as yet, unknown, especially since he has resolutely avoided taking any responsibility for policing and justice. But no doubt the pussy-cats of the UDA will be shaking with fear – after only 38 years of turning a blind eye to their murderous activities Peter Robinson has finally had enough – now he's "shocked" and he's going to hunt them down and kicks their ass.


hoboroad said...

The Punt and Daniel finally wake up to what's going on in there own backyard.Drug Dealers and Pimps is all the UDA are nothing more nothing less.

Anonymous said...

I have never understood why Sinn Fein has not been more vocal about the UDA decommissioning.

You have a group like the UDA who basically were only good at shooting innocent Catholics and yet these are the guys that still have the weapons?

Only in a place like NI would you would find people that felt a IRA Army Council with no weapons were more of a threat than psychopaths who had killed hundreds of unarmed people.......