Monday 3 May 2010

David Norris for President

The Irish Times has kicked off next year's presidential election by providing a list of the possible candidates, and this blog is pleased to note that the current front-runner is Senator David Norris.

David Norris represents everything that the President should be – a decent, civilised and intelligent man, political but not party political, and with a strong streak of compassion. But he is more than that – much more. He is Ireland's foremost gay rights campaigner, one of the world's leading Joycian scholars, and an active member of the Church of Ireland.

Born in the then Belgian Congo, Norris has been associated with Trinity College for much of his career, and is a well-known figure around Dublin. As such he will struggle to attract the votes of rural Ireland – but in the opinion of this blog, he represents modern Ireland better than any of the has-been politicians that the other parties will propose.

Hopefully Norris will stand, and hopefully modern Ireland will be big enough and tolerant enough to elect not a gay President, not a(nother) Protestant President, but a President that represents the full diversity of the nation.

Norris for President in 2011.


Anonymous said...

Sammy Mc Nally says.

An excellent candidate.

Paddy Canuck said...

Just as long as he doesn't contravene the new blaphemy law, he should do just fine in modern Ireland. Ooooooo... ;)

But yes, at first blush (that is, reading your opinion of the man), he does sound like the sort of person a progressive would want on the throne, pardon the phrase.

New times, New approach said...

I believe 2 of the 8 presidents to date have been protestant (Hyde and Childers) and, in my opinion, only one other president (Cearbhall O'Dalaigh) was as learned or made a similar contribution to the country as they did. I am omitting De Valera's contribution as his fondness for the catholic church allowed them a position of power which has crippled the country for so long.

Perhaps more significant than accepting David's religion would be the degree of tolerance of other people's natures and of diversity that would be implicit in his election. It would show that the south was growing up and throwing off the shackles of hatred and discrimination which close adherence to religions engender.

On a lighter note, perhaps it would afford an opportunity for him to meet with the (current) senior statesman in the North and Iris could then perform a charitable service by casting out the evil demons possessing him and all would be well.

Paddy Canuck said...

I think NTNA's right; a Protestant president of Ireland is no big deal; it probably wasn't 50 years ago. But a gay one? That's still kind of an eyebrow-raiser, but one that's likely to shine Ireland's star in the firmament of developed nations. Protestant, done; woman, done... now on to minority lifestyle and maybe even ethnic minority next. :)

red said...

Given some of the comments he made in relation the victims of Britain's 'shoot to kill policy' I could not support him.
Typical west Brit.

Paddy Canuck said...

What's he actually said, Red?