Wednesday 5 May 2010

A modern sophisticated society

Yesterday Kenneth Clarke, the shadow (or 'Tory party') business secretary, warning of the dangers of a hung parliament, told
"There would be really quite appalling consequences for this country if we are not able to produce a credible plan for dealing with the deficit and the debt. And that involves some very difficult decisions.

If I have to sit and talk to three or four other groups... in the end you can always do a deal with an Ulsterman, but it's not the way to run a modern sophisticated society in the grips of an economic crisis which weak government under Gordon Brown has already caused."
That pretty much sums up how the DUP and the UUP are seen by the British political elite.

Colonials, not 'us', not really British, and neither modern nor sophisticated.

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New times, New approach said...

I'm getting confused. Surely Ken is aware that his party has already stooped to that ignominy which he has accepted to be, 'not the way to run a modern sophisticated society'. They have already 'done a deal with an Ulsterman'.
Then he always has been a loose canon.