Monday 12 October 2009


The quality of political activity in Northern Ireland never ceases to amaze .... but not in a good way!

Political slogans are a prime example of the sheer professionalism and talent that some of the parties are awash with.

Other countries and parties have come up with mediocre efforts like:
  • "A Lot Done, More to Do!" — Fianna Fáil slogan used during 2002 General Election
  • "Now... The Next Steps" — Fianna Fáil slogan used during 2007 General Election
  • "Bread and roses" — US labour and immigrant rights slogan.
  • "Labour is not Working" - 1978 Conservative Party poster
  • "Better dead than Red" — an anti-Communist slogan.
  • "Change we can believe in" — Slogan used by the Barack Obama presidential campaign, 2008.
But the UUP, having virtually killed themselves through the use of dreadful slogans like 'Decent people vote UUP' and 'Simply British', has now evolved to the truly awful:

"Working For Good Government And Accountability"

Have they no members at all who work in marketing?


bangordub said...

Apparently not Horseman,
Just look at the name they came up with after the Tory link up !

Nordie Northsider said...

Spot on, Bangordub: the name just screams out to be parioded.
There is a story, possibly an urban legend, that the original name of the SDLP was Labour and Social Democracy, or something else that spelled out LSD - the drug of choice for many at the time.
Dissident republicans can't know much Irish or else they wouldn't have called themselves the Continuity Army Council (CAC) and the Real IRA (Rí rá?)