Wednesday 14 October 2009

Sylvia's back!

After a long absence, Sylvia Hermon is back on the UUP's web page:

After many months of middle-aged male monopoly, the UUP has remembered that it has a female MP!

Of course, the UUP had other reasons to try to forget Hermon, not least her overt opposition to the UCUNF project.

But now she's back, it seems. What does this signify? Is she going to be reconciled with the UUP in time for the Westminster election next year? Has the UUP seen the light, and realised that without the popular Hermon, the North Down seat - their only one - is in serious danger? Without her, the UUP might have been obliged to bow to their Tory paymasters, who seem to be lining up the awful Ian Parsley as their candidate. If the UUP are reconciled with Hermon, then she pulls rank on any opportunist turncoat that the Tories can recruit.

There is still work to do, of course - not least on Hermon's own blog, which pointedly fails to inform its readers that she is, in theory at least, still a UUP MP.


bangordub said...

Looking at her website, I'd say its likely she may join the SDLP...several very complimentary blogs on Margaret Ritchie !!!
Whats the odd's Horseman?

Horseman said...


The odds on Sylvia Hermon joining the SDLP? I'd say about a trillion to one. She'd never get re-elected in North Down - she'd be better staying as an independent and maintain friendly relations with any party or individual that might share her outlook, whether in the SDLP, Alliance, Greens, or even 'liberal unionists'.

But for 2010 it is likely that the UUP want to hold on to her. Whether they succeed we will have to wait and see.

bangordub said...

Thanks Horseman,
I agree with you with regard to her views on the union and electorally but she is a natural "Labour" leaning politician and as a North Down resident I'd say anything is possible here!
ps: keep up the good work

hoboroad said...

She was not at the UUP conference yesterday she preferred to take her dog for a walk. I wonder what she will call her new party? You could have TUV the DUP and UCUNF and the SDLP plus Sinn Fein and Alliance against Sylvia.

hoboroad said...

Oh and I left out the Green Party sorry that would bring it up to 8 candidates for North Down.