Friday 30 October 2009

Tom Elliott not on board

The UUP's selected candidate for the Fermanagh and South Tyrone constituency (FST) in next year's Westminster election, Tom Elliott, appears not to fully support the UCUNF policy of standing in every constituency.

In response to the DUP's campaign to have a single 'unionist unity' candidate in FST, Elliott has replied that he would be "open" to discussions on an agreed unionist candidate for the constituency.

However, rather than parrot his party's line about that single candidate being a UCUNF candidate, Elliott said that:
"I'm not ruling in or out anything. However, it would take a lot for Ulster Unionism to stand aside. I don't see the practical outworkings of it if the DUP think they are going to be a single candidate and win the seat, but all of that is a matter for discussion."

Presumably, then, he did not get the memo from headquarters about David Cameron's pledge to stand Tories (including UCUNF wannabes) in every constituency?

Is the DUP succeeding in its campaign to entice UUP members away from their UCUNF non-merger? It is clear from rustlings in the undergrowth in South Belfast, and now in Fermanagh and South Tyrone that not all UUP members are fully behind the UCUNF project.

Expect a swift slap-down from UUP headquarters and a 'clarification' from Elliott very soon.


hoboroad said...

Farmer Elliott knows he is not going to get any Catholic votes. So why not stand aside and let the DUP take the blame. It can only be good news for Michelle Gildernew.

Modern Unionist said...

I am shocked by the report in the Fermanagh Herald. What does Tom Elliot think he's doing?

Before the report, Tom Elliot said many positive things about the Tory/UUP pact. Now he is being equivoval. There are two possible reasons for his remarks

(1) He lacks political intelligence and was incapable of refusing the bait thrown at him by the DUP

(2) He is not a team player and is suffering from a misconception about where his best interests lie to advance his political career. All his apparent support for UCUNF thus far has been superficial. He will have reached a conclusion that he has no chance of winning FST unless he is a unity candidate. He may have seen the offer from the DUP as a last fleeting chance of becoming one and is reaching out to become it OR (more likely) he no longer wishes to be the UCUNF candidate because he thinks he could be humiliated by Foster and is provoking so that he does not get the UCUNF nomination.

Whichever way you look at it, he is damaged goods as far as UCUNF are concerned.

Anonymous said...

Given the situation in North Belfast where the opposite scenario possibly applies, and the obvious objective of the UCUNF's. Why are they being so openly sectarian?
I'ts beyond belief!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Obvious objective- To Get nationalists to vote for them

Anonymous said...

Why would Nationalists vote Unionist?

Anonymous said...

They won't. As this blog has proved. but they realise that with demographic trends against them they must try, hence the conservative candidate in south Belfast.
"Rage rage against the dying of the light" etc

Anonymous said...

Please explain, for us mere mortals!

Anonymous said...

I'd have thought they'd be looking for Catholic votes rather than Nationalist votes.

hoboroad said...

By-Election in Craigavon likely after the TUV failed to get co-option. TUV spokesman blaming DUP for welching on deal.

hoboroad said...

I see Robert McCartney QC is to address the TUV party conference on education.

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