Thursday 1 April 2010

The Adrian Watson Show becomes a comedy

Initially a drama, then a thriller, now the long-running Adrian Watson Show has become a comedy. Watson, picked by the UUP as its choice to stand in South Antrim, was apparently vetoed by the Tory side of the joint selection committee of UCUNF and the Tories wanted to stand a total nobody in the constituency instead. Watson’s unsuitability may have been connected with his unprogessive views on homosexuality – it is unlikely that his anti-Irish bigotry would have bothered UCUNF much.

Now Watson has announced that he is ‘totally against’ the whole UUP-Tory alliance!

If he had been selected for South Antrim would he have let the world know his true feelings? How many other UUP members (and Tories) are also ‘totally against’ UCUNF but are too shy to tell the world?

What now for Watson? He claims that he “got 90% endorsement from the good people of the South Antrim [UUP] Association”. So perhaps, like Sylvia Hermon in North Down, he will stand as an independent and humiliate the person who is eventually selected to stand in South Antrim for UCUNF.

One thing is for sure – the Adrian Watson Show is going to continue, much to the amusement of its many fans.


hoboroad said...

22 members of the Ulster Unionist South Antrim Association have resigned according to the BBC.

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Anonymous said...

unionist unity, what a complete joke, they must be the least united people on the planet. thankfully must people in the north now see themselves as Irish.


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