Tuesday 6 April 2010

Electoral Office malfunction

Trusting the running of an election to a body that cannot tell the time is worrying, to say the least. Below is a screen-shot of the Electoral Office's web site, taken today:

Just above where it tells us that the Westminster election will take place on May 6, it also tells us that "All Electoral Offices will be closed for Easter on Monday 5 and Tuesday 6 May and will re-open at 9.00am on Wednesday 7 May. The Electoral Office Helpline (0800 4320 712) will be open on Monday 5 and Tuesday 6 May".

So the Electoral Office thinks that the Westminster election will take place during Easter? Despite the fact that Easter is, ... well, already over!

Hopefully they can count ballots better than they can read a calendar.

Update (7 April):

The Electoral Office have now corrected their calendar malfunction.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps they were just excited about the 6th May!!

Horseman said...

Sure, Anonymous, I can buy that. We're all excited, aren't we?


But they seem to have added the stuff about their Easter holidays today .. i.e. after Easter. At any rate it is at the top of their page, and their news tends to be 'latest at the top'. So they added the wrong Easter thing after they addeed the info on the Westminster election. Wierd.

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