Sunday 18 April 2010

Watson will not stand

What a pity. The News Letter reports that:

"THE UUP Mayor of Antrim - who lost out on being the Conservative and Unionists candidate in South Antrim - has come out in support of Sir Reg Empey in his attempt to take the seat.

Adrian Watson, who in recent weeks publicly vented his anger at the party for not selecting him to take on sitting DUP MP William McCrea, yesterday accompanied Sir Reg to the Electoral Office where he submitted his nomination as the Conservatives and Unionists' candidate.

Highlighting the Rev McCrea's Westminster expense claims and multiple political jobs, Mr Watson told the News Letter that he believed the UUP leader would take the seat."

This blog was unashamedly looking forward to seeing how the outcome would be affected by a wildcard independent unionist candidate - i.e. Watson. But now it seems that this will not happen. South Antrim remains an intriguing contest, but not as fascinating as it could have been.

The Adrian Watson Show, which promised so much entertainment, has fizzled out.


hoboroad said...

Did Willie McCrea take part in the DUP's Save Ulster From Sodomy campaign against legalizing homosexuality in the North of Ireland in the early 1980's?

New times, New approach said...

Not sure if I know that one. Could you whistle it and I might remember it. :)