Friday 23 April 2010

John Stevenson, Independent candidate in FST

For those who do not read the Impartial Observer (and there must be a few people left out there who don't), here is some background information on one of the three (real) independent candidates in the May 6 Westminster election – John Stevenson, who is standing in Fermanagh and South Tyrone:
John Stevenson, from Enniskillen, says he is not backed by any party or by anyone with vested interests. He vows to stand at every future Westminster and Assembly election, and says "fair play to the DUP and Sinn Fein for bringing us out of the past so we can enjoy this most beautiful part of Ireland".

He says no to factory closures in Fermanagh and South Tyrone, that Quinn Insurance will be secured, that there will be even and fair distribution of all public servants pay to negate the budget deficit, and that there will be a joint Labour and Liberal Democrat government.

Stevenson was born in Derry in 1948 into a Presbyterian family, was educated at Campbell College, Belfast; in 1972 became a member of the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester; in 1975 was made a member of the Royal Humane Society; in 1981 began a welding business in Fermanagh; and in 2003 established Titanic Rebuilt 2012 Ltd, engaged in the manufacture of builders' carpentry and metalwork.

All in all, therefore, quite an eclectic mix, without any discernable platform at all. Perhaps he expresses it better than the Impartial Observer recorded it.

His chances of winning? Well, the words 'snowball' and 'hell' come to mind.


Dazzler said...

Well if he even took 500 votes off the orange order candidate Connor, it could make all the difference to allow Gildernew to scrap home.

Anonymous said...

He does sound alright. I'd rather him than the orangeman. Unfortunately if he's a bit of a lefty he'll likely be taking votes off SF rather than the Unionists.

Anonymous said...

With so many candidates and the awful first past the post system it is hard to see how you can have a vote that is really reflective of the peoples wishes. Here in Canada the Green party got almost 1,000,000 votes and not one single seat in the house of commons.

aprni99 said...

Thanks for this info. As I was opening the blog(with no knowledge of its content) I was in the process of wondering where I could find some info on this man as he appears to have appeared out of nowhere and certainly has made no impact on the ST bit of FST. For those of us in ST it is a concern that so many of the candidates seem to have a F bias.

menace said...

Good luck to him, what I did notice this morning travelling to Fermanagh, were the number of 'Connor' posters displayed in County Armagh, not part of the FST constituency.
Then again this candidate represents a community not adverse to invading and occupying others territory.

Anonymous said...

Well actually part of South Tyrone & Fermanagh constituency takes in a small part of Armagh. So go get your info right before you make stupid ill informed comments.