Tuesday 20 April 2010

Parsely ... !

Either the UCUNF candidate in North Down can't spell his own name, or his hardwriting is poor, or he is simply so little-known that the Electoral Office didn't know how to spell his name.

Either way, on the Statement of Persons Nominated for North Down he is shown as Parsely, Ian James - instead of Parsley, Ian James.

An inauspicious start.

Update (21 April): The EONI have corrected their Statement of Persons Nominated for North Down. But quietly, as if hoping that no-one had noticed. Parsely is now Parsley.
However, in South Down, poor Cadogan Enright is still spelled Cadwgan Enright. Time for another quiet correction?


Anonymous said...

ItwasSammyMcNallywhatdoneit says

An herbaceous wee chap called Ian,
became a garden centre UCUNF has-been,
for a seat he hid hunt,
the silly young cunf,
perhaps Parsley will now switch to be Green

Nordie Northsider said...

Apparently 'parsley' is old English slang for pubic hair, hence its use in the traditional expression of approbation or disbelief: 'Your arse and parsley'.
Here endeth today's etymology class.

bangordub said...

Now go publish that on Slugger under your new name, I dare you.....

hoboroad said...


Anonymous said...

ItwasSammyMcNallywhatdoneit says,

bangordub: was 'published' originally on Slugger during Euros.