Thursday 15 April 2010

Poster wars

Elections bring out the worst in the political class - smears, allegations, innuendo, ad hominem attacks, lies, deceptions, dishonesty, and so on - but at least they provide an opportunity for those of a creative nature to put their skills into practice.

The now famous case of 'Kristen' has inspired others to create (or search for) posters attacking or ridiculing their opponents.

The 'Don't Vote Tory' set are fun, and seem to have been created by someone in Northern Ireland, since half of them deal with northern politicos. Here are two of my favourites - regular readers will recognise why:


Ivor Whitten said...

very good. The elections are bringing out a whole creative industry in itself.

I do enjoy the spoofs and cheeky retorts. Brings a smile to my day.

Good on you for finding them. I see another blogger is doing something similar at coffee by Maxwell house as well.

Any others?

Horseman said...

Are you not still a UUP person, Ivor? If you are, these posters are sort-of poking fun at your own cumbersome political vehicle.

But of course, if you're no longer a UUP-Tory supporter, congratulations!

Ivor Whitten said...

Sorry to disappoint - still a supporter. But i do have a sense of humour ;)

menace said...

'Tory', am I mistaken or is the term derived from the Irish for 'fool', or is it 'out-law' either way, quite applicable to the party and their political allies.

Manfarang said...

Tory derived from the Irish word 'toruighe'-plunderer.
Later the term was used for supporters of the Catholic Duke of York (later James the second).The York Tories.
Whiggamore refers to the Presbyterians who marched from the west of Scotland to Edinburgh to oppose Charles the first.
The term meant cattle driver.
But you know all this!

Paddy Canuck said...

I think the original comeback ad is a scream. VERY clever. But there's no getting around it -- it represents the cannibalism of unionism upon itself. Sooner or later, they're all going to have to come together, decide what's fundamental, and form a single party... and then do their damnedest to keep extremist views from splintering it and starting the whole thing all over again.