Wednesday 14 April 2010

"None. Out. None. Absolutely none whatsoever"

Strong words? Pretty definite, no?

Well actually, they were the exact words of David Cameron when asked last year if his party would stand aside in any Northern Ireland constituency.
Asked whether his party would stand aside in any Ulster constituency, he said: "None. Out. None. Absolutely none whatsover.

We're a United Kingdom party. I don't stand aside in Glasgow because it might help the Liberals. I don't stand aside in East London because it might help the Greens."

Less than a year later, though, his cumbersome contraption, UCUNF, has … um … stood aside in Fermanagh and South Tyrone.

Would you buy a used car off someone like Cameron?


Anonymous said...

"Would you buy a car off someone like Cameron ?"
- Horseman

Is this the David Cameron you're referring to ?

- Munsterman

Manfarang said...

The cast iron gentleman?

hoboroad said...

Read the leaflet Jim Allister try to ban above.

Horseman said...

Excellent, hoboroad, that's a good find!

Anonymous said...

Kieron says,

what is most disappointing about this is the fact that it has almost zero traction in Britain - the Labour party sholud be banging on about another Tory abandonment of principle.

Scamallach said...

Ian óg apparently can't even spell commitment, so can he demonstrate it?

hoboroad said...